Jul 2021


One of my team members is retiring, and as we were talking about their tenure with the company, “We did a LOT!” they said. That got me looking back at the past 2 years, and I started listing some of the changes and accomplishments that happened, first while I was leading the engineering team as […]

When people think of DevOps, they likely think of delivery of code into production. Microsoft, Amazon and all mention delivery in the first paragraph of their definitions of DevOps. However, code has to be developed and tested before it can be shipped. That requires an environment where developers can integrate their code, an environment where QA teams can perform […]

Recently I had to dive into Android app development to fix an issue in an app. Then, while I was testing the app I noticed that the payment process was not working. The app uses¬†Instamojo, a payment gateway provider in India. The process works fine through the Web client, but the Android flow was broken. […]

We re-launched and introduced the Telugu version on the 23rd of August 2018. It was an official announcement of the partnership with the Hyderabad-based NGO Yugantar. We had a member of the Central Information Commission present to “launch” the site and talk about the importance of the Right to Information [known in other countries […]