I’ve always been interested in applying technology to make people’s lives better. I studied human computer interaction and I spent some time managing a LAN and a helpdesk team. I fell into software development doing a project for Oxfam Quebec in West Africa. I moved to managing media distribution projects, then I applied what I new about IT and content as an entrepreneur. My current interests are in online security and technology management.

My Way of Working

Start any big task or project by breaking it up into smaller tasks, iterating until a task can be achieved in a day or two.

At the start of a project, complete one task right away to get an early win keep motivated

Once an unpleasant task has been put off long enough, jump into it, attack it, tear it up, eat it, beat it!

Write all the tasks down--even if it's a long list, being organized creates a sense of control

If something isn't working or isn't clear, analyze it. The time spent will be worth it to get a longer-term solution

In working with other people, try to understand what they want--people have a reason for their behavior.

What I'm doing

I am building a web application framework that integrates security, data protection and GDPR compliance right from the start, so that startups and new projects never get caught short later.
I am automating and improving SecureTheWeb.info -- security dashboard of the world's most popular web sites.
I am evaluating Angular.js and other single-page app frameworks, with a goal of creating a side-by-side comparison of the same functionality using different frameworks.