My Qualifications



  • Technology leader with a 20+ year track record of delivering results in information technology and management. 15+ years of industry experience in media, media technology and publishing.
  • Expertise in systems architecture, operations setup, process streamlining and cost reduction. Special interest in information security, data protection and privacy.
  • Self-starter with extended entrepreneurial experience in multiple countries and cultures.
  • Commitment to building teams through mentorship, nurturing talent and creating opportunities to grow. Professional who values diversity, respect and courtesy to others.
  • Compelling communicator invited to publish by leading magazines and think tanks, technology sites on information security, data protection and privacy.


Director of DevOps and Information Security, W. W. Norton & Co., New York   Aug. 2020 – present

Thrilled to be pursing my interest in automation and information security. Lead a team that builds cloud solutions to speed up development, secure applications and enable omni-data analytics. Focused on delivering a long-term roadmap and vision for a platform to support next generation of products.

  • Reduced time to ship code by developing a tool that leverages AWS, Kubernetes and GitOps to create practically limitless number of test environments for parallel projects
  • Rearchitected cloud systems to isolate mission critical services with zero downtime
  • Improved company’s security score by two levels on external rating services such as Security Scorecard
  • Led security improvements in systems (ubiquitous TLS v1.2, HTTP headers, NIST password policy) and processes (static code analysis, MFA, password keepers, random passphrases, secure file transfers)
  • Driving continuous cloud security improvement through implementation of incident response (IR) playbooks, system-wide data collection and monitoring, intrusion detection (ID) systems
  • Mentor team on management skills and topics such as presenting ideas to management, prioritizing tasks
  • Built team skills by investing in immersion days with AWS and MongoDB, architecture walk-throughs, mentoring and dedicated R&D time.

Skills: Python, AWS (CLI, VPC, Lambda, ALB, EFS, DataSync, Gateways, IAM, accounts, Amplify, GuardDuty), Jenkins CICD, Python, NodeJS, Redis, Kubernetes, SonarQube, ZAP, risk analysis, incidence response

Director of Engineering, W. W. Norton & Co., New York                                                   Nov. 2018 – Aug. 2020

Built processes and happy, productive engineering teams to deliver quality products across multiple sites that delight W. W. Norton’s customers and increase sales. Delivered results, including the launch of the revamped company website and performance stability of revenue-critical products. Accomplishments:

  • Guided team in rethinking systems architecture and expand the re-use of microservices to save development time and cost
  • Formulated and implemented a strategic roadmap to become fully cloud-based, improving systems stability and reducing downtime
  • Cut cloud and database costs 20% by finding efficiencies and streamlining resources
  • Partnered with product owners, user experience and marketing teams to find creative solutions that delivered stalled projects and increased product offerings
  • Implemented browser client telemetry and services dashboard to pre-empt outages
  • Kickstarted a reusable component library to provide customers with uniform experience
  • Standardized programming practices, injected linting and increased testing to reduce defects
  • Revamped development and release cycles to be truly agile and ship more code
  • Initiated recurring brown-bag lunches, tech-leads roundtables and all-hands meetings to share knowledge and raise team skills in order to produce better quality code.

Skills: Python, AWS (CLI, IAM, EC2, S3, Cloudfront, VPC, Lambda, ALB, SES, SNS, EFS), Node JS, Docker, MongoDB Atlas, Kubernetes, team growth, staff forecasting

Technology Entrepreneur, Content Distribution and Security, New Delhi

I built technology platforms that met local business and consumer demand in India for content distribution, civic engagement tools and data protection. 

Founder,                            Jan. 2018 – Present
Developing a web application framework that integrates data protection, security and compliance with the EU’s GDPR. Launched, an automated, static analysis dashboard of the world’s most popular web sites.
Skills: Python, Django, React.js, application security (OWASP Top 10), security protocols (HSTS, CSP)

Founder,, India                            Nov. 2015 – Mar. 2018 is a secure, intelligent platform that leverages technology to empower citizens to request government information through Freedom Of Information laws. I led Product Development, IT Management (hands-on control of security and privacy aspects), and Budgeting. After proving market demand and viability, an NGO has invested in day-to-day operations I have stepped into an advisory role.
Skills: Python, Django, Rest API, Javascript, Backbone.js, AWS, Google Cloud, Redis, Docker, MySQL, Git, Linux

Founder, A-SK Media International, India                            Jul. 2014 – Jun. 2017

Consulting and technology services to media, entertainment and retail companies for digital distribution and monetization of online content.

  • Launched content distribution platforms to identify optimum revenue models, including micropayments (pay-per-article, in), and to serve unmet demand for content in local languages ( Produced original and licensed content from 10 brands, including popular consumer titles, such as Car India, Ideal Home & Garden, Smart Photography.
  • Provide ongoing consulting services on digital media distribution strategies to international media companies seeking business growth opportunities in India; focused on market landscape, pricing strategies and regulatory environment; generate leads and senior management contacts. Clients have included a leading software vendor and a global music distributor.

Technology Leader and Executive, HBO Inc, New York and Stockholm                             2005-2013

CEO, Parsifal Entertainment (JV owner of HBO Nordic), Sweden                            Jul. 2013 – Dec. 2013
Architected the technology platform that powers Starz Play (MENA)

  • Drove the design and architecture of next-generation OTT video technology platform
  • Recruited the technology team, including CIO of Starz Play (MENA)

EVP Technology & CTO, HBO Nordic, Sweden                                                    Dec. 2012 – Jun. 2013
Developed a strategic road-map and accelerated technology development while reducing costs

  • Achieved turnaround of the technology platform to deliver growth and greater subscriber satisfaction
  • Drove improvements in video quality, expanded app capabilities and introduced new platforms
  • Worked with all stakeholders to prioritize requirements and allocate resources
  • Evaluated and selected vendors globally and negotiated contracts

Launch Project Manager, HBO Nordic, Sweden                                                    Oct. 2012 – Dec. 2012
Took control of the HBO Nordic project and developed a new launch plan acceptable to all stakeholders.

  • Integrated a dozen vendors into one common project timeline
  • Established content traffic workflow
  • Defined processes across all technology areas

Director – Distribution Authorizations & Operations, HBO Inc, New York                   Apr. 2010-May 2011
Restructured HBO’s client support group to handle new content delivery methods. Led critical technology infrastructure projects with company-wide cost-savings impact. Reduced service response time, increased quality of outbound communications and raised commitment to excellence.

  • Managed secure distribution of HD video via the public Internet.
  • Headed a team of ten mid-level managers and customer-response agents, and a data analyst.

Manager – Technology Operations (New Media), HBO Inc, New York                   Oct. 2007 – Mar. 2010

  • Managed cross-functional project teams across IT, Operations, Engineering and Business domains.
    • Create project budgets, milestones and track progress;
    • Identify project risks and develop contingency plans
  • Maintained HBO’s position as a technology leader by collaborating with internal engineers and vendors to define strategic technology needs.
  • Ensured compliance with regulations (e.g. Closed Captioning, CALM Act) through internal communication of guidelines and establishment of checks and balances to verify compliance.

Senior Software Engineer, Project Leader, HBO Inc, New York                             Oct. 2005 – Sep. 2007
Worked with users to meet their needs; established and championed test-driven, agile methodologies.

Software Developer, Software Architect, Technical Lead, Paris, New Haven       2000 to 2005

France Telecom (Paris); Tangoe (New Haven)                                                                                                                                     

Data architecture, Java middleware for projects including early-stage Internet of Things and nascent AJAX techniques. Researched business implications of emergent technologies. Tech lead evangelizing test-driven development and agile methods to increase efficiency and quality.

Skills: Java, J2EE, JUnit, Struts, Websphere, Javascript, AJAX

Volunteer, US Peace Corps, Benin, West Africa                                                                 1997 to 1998

Taught mathematics in French to 210 students in three levels in a high school.



English, French, Hindi



Master Sc., Industrial Eng. (Human Computer Interaction)                  Purdue University, West Lafayette                      1995

Bachelor B.A., International Business                                                               Wichita State University; Wichita                        1992

Bachelor Sc., Electrical Engineering                                                                    Wichita State University; Wichita                        1992


Name Purdue University
Period 1995


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