Ads on mobile news sites can be ugly and annoying. Just look at these examples. With iOS 9 and a recent enough iPhone you can install ad blockers. I expect that a similar solution is available for Android. I have no idea about Windows phone users. However, many sites now detect ad blockers and prevent […]

Gaana, an Internet music broadcasting service based in India, recently added videos and lyrics to songs available from the service. Shazam, a music identification service, also integrates videos and lyrics for songs that people identify, or “tag”, with the app. The two services have implemented these features in different ways, and one of them is […]

News today that Amazon is looking to enter the original programming (OP) game. I get why Netflix and Hulu (and YouTube and Yahoo and AOL, know of any more?) are taking these steps–because the established content producers are not making their content available for streaming (see here, here and here)–but I’m not at all convince […]