How can a NY Times article contain the following paragraph and not mention that Aero was launched by Barry Diller, about as much of a TV insider as anyone can get?

Unlike the music and news businesses, television has been mostly successful at fending off technological challenges. Several network owners worked together to start Hulu, an online streaming Web site intended to curb piracy. This year, when a start-up called Aereo introduced a service to stream New York TV stations via the Internet, the stations banded together in filing two lawsuits to stall it. The lawsuits are pending.

The broader article is about Dish TV offering ad-skipping in their set-top-box, jeopardizing the traditional ad-revenue business model for broadcasters. The real story, I suspect, is that some of the people at the heart of the industry feel that the days are numbered for the current business models and they are exploring what lies beyond.

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